Users & Staff Management

Roles, users, and the access allowed to them are defined by the user management system. The system administrator can use this to choose the degree of access that they wish to grant their users.
What We Offer

Multiple Access to Users

Assinging a Role Based User & Staff access

PixelOne offers multi-role access for your users and staff. This means that the call center can be adjusted in a way that they only see orders without any under the hood settings. Similarly the logistics team will see orders that have been booked and are ready to leave the warehouse making your systems run seemless. The super admin can assign and take back access of any user any time.

Unlimited Users & Staff

Create unlimited users & staff members and assign them access as per your choice. You can give them variable access as per your required department.

Store Manager

If you have multiple stores, you can create store manager, who can then add their own staff to manage their ofder fullfillment, stock and customer support.

Manage Salaries

PixelOne offers you a complete accounts management software where you can manage the salaries/commissions of your employees

Customer management

You can view all your customer in PixelOne and edit/add their information. You also see individual customers complete history on your store.