Charts of Accounts

PixelOne comes with a complete accounts and finance management module out of the box. You can manage all your income, expenses, P&L and Balance sheets under one system
What We Offer

Accounts & Finance Management

Invoicing, Accounts & Ledgers

Get a complete accouts management module built right into the system. You do not have to subscribe to any other accouting software, PixelOne will give you complete ledgers, charts of accounts, balance sheets and Profit and loss statements.

Ledged Cr / Dr

Direclty enter all your expenses and revenue as a ledger under the defined head of the account, and generate a professional charts of accounts for your organization

P&L - Balance Sheets

Generate professional Trial Balance, Journals, Cashflow statements, Profit & Loss and Balance sheets using all your entries for income and expenses.

Business Intelligence

Using our business intellegence reporting from your ledger, make prudent business decision, see GUI reports which are easy to understand

Charts of Accounts

Your accountant can now forget those old softwares and spreadsheets and simply use PixelOne's accounts module to maintain and manage your company's financial document