Track & Reconcile

Our system will automatically get pending parcel payment and show you on the status page. At the same time our system will reconcile all your return parcels

What We Offer

Automatic Track & Reconcile

Reconcile and Optimize your couriers

Our system will automatically ping courier CN tracking numbers and get the latest status of the parcels. At the same time we will fetch the payments invocie by courier deposited in your bank account and will compare it to all the parcels booked with your courier. PixelOne will then show you exact amount lying with the couriers.

Reconcile COD Payment

The most advance AI system to reconcile the CN's & Parcels that you book with your couriers. Get one page status on autopilot from PixelOne

Courier Analytics

Get couriers performance index depending on their delivery efficiency and payment reimbursement. Our system will make sure you use the best couriers for your deliveries

Dispatch Analysis

Using our analytics you can view a birds eye view of all the money spread of your parcels. View pending, received and shipped amounts

Courier Invoice

Directly manage your courier reimbursement invocies from our system