Courier Management

Make your clients happy by providing them with an excellent experience, selecting the finest logistics provider for each purchase, or automating your system according to preset standards to enable speedy and precise business operations.
What We Offer

What is ONE Logistics

A single dashboard that tracks and manages your orders.

You have the opportunity to take your order processing and management to the next level with PixelOne! Orders can be distributed to the closest brick and mortar store or warehouse based on how close the delivery area is. You may accomplish all of this from a single, user-friendly platform. Book parcels on the closest Last-Mile using PixelOne AI.

One Logistics

Start shipping instantly using our 12+ pre-integrated couriers using One logisitcs. You don't need any courier account to start selling and delivering your orders. Our system will give you the best couriers to deliver your products.

COD Reconciliation

You never have to worry about how much money the couriers owes you. Our system will automatically match CN's against the payment and let you know how much the courier company owes you

Logistics Booking

Book all your orders with just one click with your favorite couriers, or let PixelOne Logistics choose the most optimized and economical courier using AI to get you the best delivery possible.

Return management

Get all the returned parcel from the courier on one page, System tells you how many orders were not delivered and how many are still with the courier making return management a breeze.