About PixelOne

PixelOne is an Omni-Channel one window platform to manage your order e-commerce store, courier, customer support, payment gateway and third part logstics & warehousing.

About our Company

About PixelOne

PixelOne is a combination of a decade of IT & e-Commerce experience. The need to have such a platform was the reason PixelOne came into being. We have build a next generation omnichannel ecommerce focused ERP to enhance efficiency, control & accuracy for small to medium businesses. Businesses, using PixelOne, can handle their contemporary ecommerce businesses as well as their point of sales (POS) on a single window without requiring too much knowledge of technology or too much resources and effort to implement the existing system. PixelOne enables omnichannel management in a single window.

A revolutionary technology to scale your business

Who we are

PixelOne is a SaaS product to revolutionize the way store owners process and manage their orders. We are passionate about what we do and have dedicated in-house engineering for our product.

Our Mission

We at PixelOne, are building a next generation omnichannel ecommerce focused ERP to enhance efficiency, control & accuracy for small to medium businesses, now we are expanding to AI & POS based commerce.

Our Vision

PixelOne has a very clear vision and that is to empower the e-commerce industry with cutting edge omni-channel order management technology so that they can focus on their original product, marketing and customer growth.

Our Team

Core Team

Our Testimonials

What They Are Talking About PixelOne

PixelOne strongly beleive in its customer support. We have had the great privillage of retaining 100% of our clients over the last 5 years.

PixelOne Timeline

  • 2018Concieved the Idea

    Initial Application

    PixelOne came into being as a solution to manage a multi platform e-commerce into one dashboard. It started off as an indie project which would simple connect a shopify store with all courier portals to manage booking, and tracking of parcels.
  • 2019Launched

    First Client

    We locked our first client and deployed the system on their e-commerce solution. They fell in love with the system and in-turn the word of mouth was spread.
  • 2020Expanding Functionality


    We enhanced the system as a one-stop instant setup SAAS solution for Omni-Channel order management and fulfillment. The system was now attracting dozens of clients and was now becoming a serious player in the market
  • 2023Established Solution

    A Refined Product

    PixelOne is now processing over 35000+ orders a month, with multiple B2B partners and over 30+ modules offering. The system enhances the order processing and management to the next level with its AI and optimization features.