Omni-Channel Order Management

The finest order management software for e-commerce, PixelOne, allows you to handle and process orders from a variety of sale channels, including your own website, offline order creation and marketplace listing.
What We Offer

What is Omni-Channel

A single dashboard that tracks and manages your orders.

You have the opportunity to take your order processing and management to the next level with PixelOne! Orders can be distributed to the closest brick and mortar store or warehouse based on how close the delivery area is. You may accomplish all of this from a single, user-friendly platform. Book parcels on the closest Last-Mile using PixelOne AI.

Order Management System

Get all the orders in one platforms and sort them as per stores. Put custom tags on them, assign store to users, connect your logistics and manage everything using PixelOne.

Split Order

You can now split the order and fulfill them from different warehouses. Order splitting is an amazing if you have products stored at different warehouses from the same order.

Logistics Booking

Book all your orders with just one click with your favorite couriers, or let PixelOne Logistics choose the most optimized and economical courier using AI to get you the best delivery possible.

Return management

Get all the returned parcel from the courier on one page, System tells you how many orders were not delivered and how many are still with the courier making return management a breeze.

Auto Order Allocation

Our smart AI system will allocate the order to the nearest fullfillment center to save you shipping cost for that specific order. This optimizes quicker delivery of the product to the customer and saves you money.

Returning Customer

Our system will mark return customers where you will not have to send him an SMS, IVR or call the customer. The system will tell you who are your loyal customers.

Inventory Management

Manage the complete inventory with PixelOne. You can consolidate all the products and show them accumulated for your customers on the e-Commerce store.


Our system will send IVR or/and SMS alert when an order lands, so that your orders are auto confirmed via the AI system when you come in the morning to fulfill them.

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