Product Management

Our product manager module gives you complete control over your products and inventory.  Processes like CSV uploading in bulk and collection sorting are automated by the strong product management software and effective workflows. Time is saved and procedures are streamlined as a result.

What We Offer

Managing your Products

One Stop Product and Inventory Management

With PixelOne you manage all your inventories and product data from one platform. Anything you add/edit will automatically be distributed and updated on all your stores. You will be able to upload a CSV/Excel file which will update all your product information and inventory accross all selling channels.

CSV bulk upload

By automatically retrieving photographs and allocating them to items, you can upload images in bulk and save time and resources.

Manage Supplier

Manage all your suppliers in PixelOne. Add your suppliers in the system and it will connect all relative products.

Inventory Adjustment Trail

Track every In and Out of the product. Its selling on channels or its addition/extraction in the warehouse. PixelOne gives you a complete Stock Adjustment Trail

Stock Alerts

See all your warehouse stock and get sorting as per stock numbers. Get stocks that are near ending to replensih them.